Cleaning? We clean everything that you need us to and more than that, we make sure that your place shine by adding a little extra to our cleaning services. Our company focuses on cleaning even the tiniest details so that your home and office looks great and pristine. This way, you can really relax at home and focus on doing your work with the room looking all but great.

We provide complete cleaning services from regular residential and commercial cleaning down to janitorial and post construction cleaning services. Ours is a deep cleaning service, dedicated to ensuring that your place is clean down to every crook and cranny. With a wide range of cleaning services you can take advantage of, you can save time and money by hiring us to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Residential Cleaning Service in NYC

You probably heard the saying that a clean house is apparently a sign of a wasted life. This is not necessarily correct, but it is true that there are other more important, more enjoyable things to do that to spend a day cleaning your house. This is especially true when you are busy every day with work and all other responsibilities. With so many things you have to do, you should have as much free time as you can squeeze to enjoy.

On that note, our residential cleaning service is here to give you the peace of mind of a clean home. This way, you can have all the free time you need to enjoy with your family and friends. Thanks to our expert cleaning crew, your property will surely look its best all year round. We provide you with detailed cleaning service that will cater your home cleaning needs and preferences. For your convenience, we can have the cleaning crew come to the time most favorable to you.

We can have the cleaning services done every week, bi-weekly, every two weeks, once a month, occasional, one-time cleaning or at any schedule that fits you. Whatever time and schedule works for you, our residential cleaning crew are always readily available to sweep off all the clutter, grime and filth in your home. You can have organized room and fresh air to savor whenever you relax at home. Isn’t it great to be able to enjoy and go home to a place so pristinely clean?

Professional Commercial Cleaning

In business, first impressions are very important for a lasting relationship with your customers and clients. One way to ensure of a lasting impression is by presenting a clean workplace environment. Not only does it helps in impressing clients and costumers but also in boosting the employees’ morale. Our cleaning service is an expert office dedicated to make sure that your business can have a professional atmosphere every day.

We make that happen by ensuring that your workplace is as clean and clutter-free so that you can concentrate on your work. We can help in the smooth flow of your service by providing you professional commercial cleaning from reception areas to restrooms. We can proudly tell you that we have the resources, the tools and the expertise in effectively cleaning your office right from the first and to the next job.

We understand it well, all the concerns of your customers and client which we take into consideration in our cleaning service. We know what you expect from us and we work diligently to ensure of a high quality cleaning and at the same time maintaining the security of your office. To make sure that your workplace is not only clean but safe, utilize cleaning methods backed with strict quality controls and under detailed specifications.

With strict cleaning procedures, we want to make sure that you can delight in an organized and clean working environment. Through a clean and clutter-free office, your employees can be as productive and effective with no additional work to be done and no distractions. At the same time, your customers and clients would love to see that you want them to have the best experience starting with cleanliness.

Eco-Friendly Janitorial Cleaning Service

In order to put the best face for your business, a professional janitorial service is what you need. With a professional janitorial service, you can have your workplace, client reception and the storefront as clean and organized day after day. Compared to our commercial cleaning service, our janitorial cleaning is different that it is specialized and can be contracted by any size of business. Our expert janitorial service is readily available to help in cleaning after your work either in daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

No matter what size is your business – small, mid-sized or a big enterprise, we can help in maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace to increase productivity. With our janitorial service, you can expect that we take the time in getting to know and meeting your specific needs. We can also offer you customized janitorial cleaning service so that you facility can look great and run smoothly. We can help you clear all the clutter and mess after work so that your employees can focus on their work and become more productive.

You surely want your business to be a clean, healthy environment for your employees as well as a welcoming presence to your clients and customers. You can make sure that your company or facility is clean with our janitorial services, including:

  • Deep cleaning, vacuum, de-cluttering and stain removal
  • Floor care and tile and grout cleaning
  • Cleaning, sanitization and re-stocking of toiletries
  • Cleaning and sanitization of the kitchen
  • Office room cleaning
  • Window dusting and washing
  • Waste removal

Post Construction Clean Up

With a newly constructed building to add to your asset, you must be very excited after all the hard word you put into it. But before that, once the construction is complete, the next important thing for you to do is a complete cleanup for all the debris. On that note, we can provide you the necessary post construction clean up services geared to your cleaning needs.

We can come to your construction site and discuss your needs. Depending on your specific needs and your budget, we can offer you a customized post construction cleanup plan that suits your preferences. We will take care of all the cleaning after construction so that you can move-in the soonest possible or open up your business without any delay. Our expert cleaning crew will make sure that no debris, dust and other mess is left anywhere.

This way, you can just proceed to usual business and focus on the more information job. To make the most of our service, you will be glad to know that we are focused on completing the cleanup within just one day. We know that time is important with you and with that, we clearly remind our cleaning technicians to ensure that cleaning can be done the soonest possible. We check every part of the building and ensure that they are in usable condition and completely clean.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

While dirt and soil can be easily cleaned off a surface and even in carpets, they can work their way deep into the carpet fibers. But, it is not only the soil and dirt that you have to worry about with carpets, but also stains and some abrasive actions that can damage it. When the carpet is placed in an area with hard foot traffic, it can easily deteriorate and you will most likely need to replace it soon. On that note, it is strongly advised to get carpet cleaning to preserve the quality of your carpet for longer years.

Vacuuming is  great maintenance  for your carpet but if you want yours to be in its  best performance, the best thing to do is to hire professional carpet cleaning service for your carpet at least once a year, based on the particular requirements of your carpet. With professional cleaning service, rest assured they will use the best methods and effective equipment to maintain your carpet. They use the carpet cleaning methods that will keep your carpet at its best condition.

On that note, our carpet cleaning is designed to use a deep cleaning method with the help of green products so that dirt and pollutants on the carpet fibers are removed. We will make sure that your carpets can be clean and completely fresh in no time at all. We use safe products – hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable so that your children and pets care completely safe. We guarantee you that only the most effective and safest products are what we use in cleaning your carpet.

When it comes to cleanliness, we are always dedicated in ensuring that you can make the most of what we offer you. We do not want you take any risk and with that, we make sure to use the safest products in the market and employ expert cleaning technicians.  Whether it is cleaning your home, office, commercial establishments, carpet cleanup or post construction, trust that our company is professional and certifiable.